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The Energy Times is the information companion to today’s energy sector professional, providing insights through daily articles, tweets, a weekly newsletter, webcasts and events that are unique – and actionable. The energy world is changing like never before. The business model of utilities is in flux as century-old companies pivot to find new ways to engage their customers. How we power our homes and businesses is changing. The massive power grid is becoming ever more sophisticated and diversified as it is tasked to embrace distributed generation, more renewable energy, electric vehicles and new energy efficiency strategies. Meanwhile climate change and more severe weather, along with unprecedented threats to cyber and physical grid security – are creating challenges and opportunities to deploy a power grid that is vastly more secure.

Reading us, listening to our webcasts and attending our events are:

Utilities’ senior management and strategists, along with an increasingly millennial work force, who want to figure out what changes they should champion. State and federal regulators, state legislators and members of Congress and their staff who track what policies are needed to secure and improve the power grid America relies upon – and what legal innovations are succeeding and worth emulating. Facilities managers who want to stay on top of the latest thinking on how to save energy and curb energy use in buildings across America – and how they can team up with utilities to achieve ever more stellar results on the energy frontier.


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Renewables Rush Event - April 5th, 2017  Join us to explore California's massive commitment to the greening of its electricity sector and the impact it will have on utilities and large energy customers.

Empowering Customers & Cities Event - November 7th and 8th, 2017  Join us for a revolutionary event focused on the utility of the future and charting a course of re-imagining energy production, usage and delivery.  The two-day event brings together, utilities, policy makers, large energy consumers and visionaries.