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Senior Principal, Energy & Utilities, West Monroe Partners

Jack Winter is a senior principal with West Monroe Partners and a leader in providing Executive Advisory Services in our Energy and Utilities practice. Jack has over 40 years of utility industry executive leadership, engineering, management, operations, and consulting experience. He has provided solutions in every sector of the North American utility industry focusing on strategic planning, operations improvement, asset and risk management, regulatory strategy, stakeholder relationship management, and customer experience.

Jack’s experience as an executive, consultant, operations manager, and regulator allow him to provide “line-of-sight” between organizational strategies, enterprise performance, risk management, stakeholder relationships, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, ownership value. As a consultant, Jack has led teams that plan, build, and run electric, gas, and water distribution systems. He has developed new service offerings that elevate the customer experience and improve the efficiency and results of utility operations. His teams have delivered new technology assessments and roadmaps and identified the workforce knowledge, skills, and abilities required to leverage these systems.