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CPV Fairview Files an Exempt Generator Notice for 1100 MW Project

CPV Fairview is constructing and will own and operate a 1100 MW (summer) natural gas and ethane‐fueled, combined‐cycle project in Cambria County, Pennsylvania. The Braintree, Massachusetts-based company will sell electric energy, capacity, and/or ancillary services from the facility exclusively at wholesale.

Through interconnection facilities in which CPV Fairview will own interests, the power facility will be interconnected with the transmission system owned by Pennsylvania Electric Co. and operated by PJM Interconnection, LLC.

On May 2, CPV Fairview also filed with FERC a separate application for market-based rate authority for this project’s power sales. It noted in that filing that CPV Fairview’s affiliates through CPV Power own, operate or control several companies, including CPV Valley, LLC. CPV Valley is constructing and will own and operate a 705 MW (summer) natural gas‐fueled, combined‐cycle facility and associated interconnection facilities to be located in Orange County, New York. This project will be interconnected to the transmission system owned by New York Power Authority and operated by the New York Independent System Operator Inc. ♦


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