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Iron Horse Battery Energy Storage Project ribbon cutting
Greensmith Energy, E.ON Climate & Renewables, and Tucson Electric Power hosted the ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 1 to inaugurate the Iron Horse Battery Energy Storage Project.

Landis+Gyr Celebrates Completion of 10-MW Energy Storage Project

The opening of Iron Horse Energy Storage & Solar Project in Arizona showcases the role of storage in solar energy integration.

On June 1, 2017, the grand opening of the Iron Horse Energy Storage & Solar Project was celebrated. The 10-MW battery storage system was developed by E.ON North America on the University of Arizona’s Tech Park, the project supports Tucson Electric Power (TEP) in its goal of reliably integrating additional renewable energy onto its electric distribution system.

For the Iron Horse project, Landis+Gyr continued the type of work which it has done with a variety of battery manufacturers for its storage solutions. Specifically, Landis+Gyr designed, engineered and supplied a 10-MW containerized lithium-ion energy storage system based on Toshiba’s SCiB technology for this project. The solution balances TEP’s need for a system that delivers superior cycle life, high power density and rapid charge capabilities. These features are well suited to support load balancing and frequency response during sudden losses of generation.

 “We congratulate Tucson Electric Power and project developer E.ON for the successful completion of this groundbreaking project that will pave the way for future integration of renewable energy resources,” said Mike Cooper, general manager of Landis+Gyr’s energy storage business. “The potential for utility-scale energy storage is rapidly being realized as a solution that promotes grid stability in a variety of ways.”

The Iron Horse project will help TEP study how to integrate a growing portfolio of renewable generating resources. The utility has a goal of generating 30% of its power from renewable resources by 2030, which amounts to about 1200 MW.

Landis+Gyr’s energy storage business supports its broader Energy and Capacity Optimization System (ECOS), which combines communications, control and data management technologies into a flexible solution to monitor and manage the distribution network, and enable optimal utilization of existing and new distributed energy resources. Capabilities include DC and AC storage solutions, distributed generation management software, solution design and application analysis, along with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance services managed from its remote operating centers worldwide. ♦

Editor’s note: The Iron Horse Energy Storage & Solar Project joins three other equally sized battery storage facilities listed in Arizona in the Department of Energy’s Global Energy Storage database: The Tucson Electric Power (TEP)–NextERA lithium nickel-manganese-cobalt installation in Tucson; the Phoenix-based STMicroelectronics facility with S&C Electric; and the TEP–E.oN 10-MW lithium titanate oxide (LTO) storage facility at the University of Arizona’s Science and Technology Park southeast of Tucson.)



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