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Leidos Tackles Cybersecurity Skills

Leidos sponsors global cyber battle competition.

Leidos, highlighting the importance and excitement of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers for young professionals around the globe, has announced its sponsorship of the Cambridge2Cambridge (C2C) cyber challenge that uses Leidos' CyberNEXS platform for hands-on, real-world training hosted this year by the University of Cambridge.

C2C is a government and industry backed competition, a cross-nation cyber battle with teams made up from some of most prestigious universities in the world. In the U.S., participants include Arizona, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, California State Polytechnic University, Colombia, Dakota State, Maryland, Mission College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford, U.S. Air Force Academy, Virginia and Worcester State.

Throughout the competition Leidos employees will be onsite to facilitate and encourage students in using the CyberNEXS platform and developing their skills. The company will also participate in seminars including, "The Future of the Cyber Conflict" as well as a Women in STEM networking session.

"Developing and growing a strong STEM workforce is key to our success as an organization and vital for our global security," said Doreen Harwood, Leidos senior vice president, Cyber & SIGINT Solutions. "Watching these students rapidly learning and developing practical new skills using our CyberNEXS tool is hugely inspiring, and will help equip the much needed next generation of cyber defenders."

"Recruitment and developing the capabilities of our workforce is a key enabler to defend our nations and clients," said Bill Krampf, Leidos senior vice president for U.K. and Europe. "We live in a world where new skills have to be honed to defend against adversaries. Only with continued partnerships with universities can we truly help shape the skills that are coming into the future workforce."

CyberNEXS is a scalable cybersecurity trainer that provides hands-on learning experience for both students and industry security professionals. The platform uses scenario-based exercises and a secure virtual environment to assess network and system attack-and-defend, forensics and penetration strategies. The platform has honed the skills of high school, collegiate and industry security professionals. ♦

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