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NJ BPU microgrid

New Jersey BPU Touts Town Center Microgrids

Feasibility studies are underway for proposed Downtown Trenton Microgrid and 13 Town Center microgrids to improve storm resiliency of critical facilities.

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) unveiled plans this month for a 7.5 MW microgrid to support critical government facilities in Trenton and is funding related feasibility studies for an additional 50 MW to 70 MW of microgrid capacity involving 13 separate proposed Town Center distributed energy resource (DER) microgrids across the state.

The proposed Trenton project is associated with Veolia’s existing Trenton Thermal Energy District Network, which would serve as the technology hub for a proposed Downtown Trenton microgrid.

During a recent tour, BPU President Richard Mroz announced the board’s Town Center DER microgrid program to increase the use of DER microgrid technologies by funding the 13 Town Center DER microgrid feasibility studies.

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, the Christie Administration made it a priority to improve energy resiliency and the emergency preparedness and response of the utility companies. As a result, the BPU is mandated to improve the grid’s resiliency and reliability in the event of a major emergency, and will continue its work with the utility companies, local, state and federal governments, and other strategic partners to identify, design and implement Town Center DER microgrids to power critical facilities and services across the state.

“I’m excited to get the feasibility studies started for this Downtown Trenton Microgrid and the other 12 proposed microgrids as the final reports will provide great detail on options concerning designs, connections, financing options and the types of buildings to be included in a town center microgrid,” said Mroz. “As these town center microgrids are developed around the state, communities will have the power and freedom to keep critical facilities such as hospitals, police and fire stations, water and wastewater treatment plants and buildings used to shelter residents operational and running independent of the grid during emergencies.”

Visit the New Jersey BPU website to read the full microgrid report

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