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OATI Launches webCVR

Open Access Technology International is providing a new conservation voltage reduction solution for municipals.

OATI has released a new solution specifically designed to help smaller municipals cost-effectively manage electrical loads for demand reduction.

OATI’s launch of webCVR provides a pre-configured, cloud-based solution designed to quickly perform voltage reduction for municipal utilities with fewer than 40,000 meters. CVR provides a cost-effective way to manage electrical loads for peak shaving or energy efficiency purposes. By controlling voltage-regulating devices, utilities can actively decrease voltage consumption through changes on target distribution circuits by 3% to 5% while safely staying within ANSI standards.

Prior to implementation, OATI also performs a benefit analysis for interested municipals and delivers an estimate of projected annual savings based upon each individual municipal’s situation. This analysis collects information on number and type of customers, type of peak demand, winter and summer peak data, residential and commercial and industrial (C&I) substations, as well as residential and C&I feeders, and uses this data to calculate the amount they can save with webCVR. The complete results are delivered within three business days.

Sasan Mokhtari, president and CEO of OATI, stated: “webCVR is a software solution that will far exceed the industry’s expectations,” and added, “we are excited about its ability to help municipals decrease voltage consumption and the lasting economic benefit this technology provides to our customers.” ♦


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