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Powin Energy

Powin Energy Rolls Out Large BESS in Canada

Powin Energy is partnering with Hecate Energy to build, deliver and install projects with a total capacity of 12.8 MW at two sites in Ontario, Canada.

A total of 26 of Powin’s modular 140-kVA Stack140 units will be involved, at two locations in Ontario, along with the company’s associated battery management software.

“We’re proud to have been chosen by Hecate for this project as Ontario is at the forefront of deploying energy storage for frequency regulation, voltage control and reactive power support,” said Geoffrey Brown, president of Powin Energy. “This will be the largest installation in Powin’s history and – much like our recently commissioned project for Southern California Edison – will be deployed on an extremely aggressive timeline.”

The projects were all contracted with Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) as part of their long-term energy plan. These six projects comprise the largest rollout of energy storage in Canada and are expected to be online by the end of September 2017. The projects will be split across two sites in Kitchener and Stratford, Ontario. The system in Stratford will be housed inside of a newly constructed building specifically designed to support twenty Powin Energy 2 MWh battery arrays. At the Kitchener location, six Powin Energy 2 MWh 40-ft outdoor battery energy storage products will be deployed.

Powin Energy recently installed a 2 MW/9 MWh energy storage system in less than six months in Irvine, California, for Southern California Edison that is part of the California Public Utilities Commission’s response to the Aliso Canyon natural gas leak. 

Powin’s new project will involve more than 52 MWh of energy storage.

“We selected Powin Energy for this project because they are a responsive partner with a history of rapidly delivering fully integrated utility-scale energy storage systems,” said Chris Bullinger, Hecate Energy President and CEO. “Their technology agnostic bp-OS will also enable smooth integration with our top level controls and create a seamless storage system for the IESO.”

Powin Energy’s Stack140 is a modular, flexible, purpose-built 140-kW battery array that is easily and cost-effectively scalable from 125 kW to multiple megawatts using indoor cabinets or 20-ft or 40-ft containers for outdoor installations. ♦


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