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SEPA’s Annual Top 10 Utility List for Solar Celebrates 10th Anniversary

SEPA provides unbiased solar market information in its annual survey of U.S. utilities.

Every year for 10 years running, U.S. utilities have answered the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) annual survey, providing detailed data to this trusted source of unbiased U.S. solar market information.

With its March 2017 survey, to mark the 10th anniversary, SEPA expanded the survey and collected data on solar, demand response (new), energy storage (new) and advanced metering infrastructure (new).

Southern California Edison came in No. 1 in SEPA’s 2016 annual uility rankings. The rankings are based on which utilities added the most megawatts in 2016. [Editor’s note: On its website, Southern California Edison referenced having an average of 4,000 new solar customers connecting to the grid every month.]



SEPA's 10th annual survey results based on megawatts added.

SEPA also ranked the Top 10 utilities solar watts per customer, with the City of Palo Alto taking the top position. 

 Utility Solar Rankings Annual Watts per Customer (W/C)

City of Palo Alto Utilities   2753
Dominion North Carolina Power  1718
Farmers Electric Cooperative - Kalona  1564
Ouachita Electric Cooperative Corporation  1282
Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation  1183
Rocky Mountain Power  847
Colton Electric Utilities  800
Cobb EMC  639
Roseville Electric  632
Pasadena Water and Power 545

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