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Toronto Hydro pole-mounting energy system Toronto Hydro

Toronto Hydro Pilots Grid-Scale Pole-Mounted Energy Storage

A pole-mounted energy storage system located in Toronto's North York neighborhood is showing positive results in the early stages of a pilot program.

Toronto Hydro is piloting a new energy storage unit which mounted to the top of existing utility poles. Put into service in August 2016, the system stores energy during off-peak hours and releases power as needed.

The project team is currently monitoring how the technology responds to real-time data.

From initial results, the energy storage system has passed initial goals for the demonstration.

Gary Thomson, Toronto Hydro Supervisor of Generation & Capacity Planning, stated that “the benefits of this technology are that it reduces the strain on the grid and on the transformer asset supplying the customer, and hence increases the reliability to the customer.”

The project was made possible with support from Ontario's Smart Grid Fund, which helps those on the leading edge of the smart grid industry to test their grid modernization solutions in real world settings. The unit was developed by Ryerson University and piloted by Toronto Hydro using eCAMION battery technology.

[Editor’s note: Cost data for the unit does not yet appear to be publicly available. It will be a significant development if the subsequent commercialization related phase of this project proceeds as planned, and meets Toronto Hydro’s currently-stated goal, whereby the utilization of these pole-mounted storage units “could become a standard that's rolled out with all new installations on the over 175,000 poles across the city.”]

Visit Toronto Hydro for more on this pilot.




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