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California Energy Lab

Leading the nation and the world to a distributed electric energy future

California is on the leading edge of electrical policy innovation, according to energy experts.

Consider the view of Lorenzo Kristov, principal of market and infrastructure policy at the California ISO, which oversees access to the state’s wholesale transmission grid and supports the state’s competitive energy market.

Lorenzo Kristov

Lorenzo Kristov

“California's energy and environmental policies have propelled the state to global leadership in integrating renewable energy and distributed energy resources into the electricity system and markets,” Kristov said.

The U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is looking to California to help define the future of electricity nationally.

"FERC's November 2017 notice of proposed rulemaking  on energy storage and distributed resource aggregation illustrates how California's innovative solutions have become national models for advancing clean and distributed energy resources,” Kristov said.

As Calfornia is going – so goes the nation, many believe.

Ralph Cavanagh

Ralph Cavanagh, Natural Resources Defense Council co-director of energy, said, "Fortunately for the nation, California is one of many strong competitors in delivering compelling climate solutions for the energy and utility sectors. And California is far from alone in appreciating that clean energy solutions now cost less than the alternatives."

Ben Bartlett

Ben Bartlett

The elements of change point to much more distributed energy resources getting deployed and integrated into a more capable, digital grid, said Ben Bartlett, California Clean Energy Fund director of strategic partnerships and a member of the Berkeley City Council.

“Utility 2.0 has been discussed for quite some time now, and in broad terms, we know what the grid of the future will look like,” Bartlett said. “ It involves new models of distribution, leveraging electrified transportation and cheap storage. The real question is how we get there from where we are today."

EDITOR’S NOTE: Kristov, Cavanagh and Bartlett will be speaking at the Renewables Rush executive energy conference in San Francisco on April 5.




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