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The Manhattan skyline is viewed from Brooklyn on May 5, 2015 in New York City.

Distributed Energy in the Smart City

Distributed generation will transform energy use in cities.

The 21st century economy depends on new energy value-added services that combine innovative technologies and business models.

New distributed energy resources technologies in particular offer a variety of new tools to personalize energy and change the fundamental value proposition of electricity.

We will see industrial and commercial customers adopt this new distributed energy resources capabilities to enhance their own core competencies and new business strategies and even offer appealing, innovative approaches to electricity.

Andres Carvallo

EDITOR'S NOTE: Andres Carvallo, an author and CEO of CMG Consulting, explored these themes in a recent webcast, an offering of the IWCE Online College of Technology. IWCE is Penton's International Wireless Communications Expo. The series of classes looks at how the Internet of Things can make our cities smarter and more streamlined. Local governments can take advantage of technology in a variety of places to create a smart system that streamlines energy, buildings, infrastructure and transportation through technology. Smart devices—for example, connected meter readers, a secure connected power grid and the Internet of Things—can create smart services for citizens and agencies alike. To sign up for Carvallo's webcast, click here. If you put "SMART" in the coupon code, the discounted price will be $79.



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