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Give Thanks — for Wind

Wind is producing ever-mounting supplies of clean energy globally.

Walk into the lobby of the North American headquarters of Vestas in Portland, Ore., and you will be stunned by a huge monitor-mural capturing in real time every ripple of wind that instant tickling the surface of the globe.

Wind flows — in real time — is bread and butter for Vestas, a major wind turbine manufacturer with installations in 70 countries.

It is a fitting display to contemplate this week of giving thanks, when a whirlwind of a different sort has been commanding our attention in far-off Paris, Brussels and Mali.

I recently toured the Vestas building, located in a former furniture warehouse replete with the latest energy savings and renewable technologies.

What is new in wind? Vestas is ready to crank out 8-MW wind monsters — with a turbine diameter of ONE-AND-A-HALF football fields.

Chris Brown, president of Vestas’ North American business unit, recently wrote in a commentary published in the Energy Times: "The industry's goal is to double its share of U.S. energy to 10 percent by 2020 and again to 20 percent by 2030."

As your guests cut into their slices of pumpkin pie Thursday, take out your iPad or smart phone and take them to the a real-time world wind map. It was apparently developed by a guy in the Czech Republic and is viewable, big time, in Vestas' Portland lobby.

Then put away your smart devices, head outside onto your dot of earth and feel the wind.



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