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San Diego Seeks to Go Fully Green Power

California metropolis aims to be global leader in clean energy revolution.

San Diego is pursuing plans to become fully reliant on renewable energy by 2035.

That could have huge consequences for San Diego Gas & Electric, which serves the southern California metropolis, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times.

San Diego aims to go way beyond California’s declared goal of becoming reliant on renewables for half its energy by 2030.

The Times reported:

“San Diego's Climate Action Plan calls for exploring a program called community choice aggregation, or CCA, to help the city meet its aim of 100% renewable energy usage. Under the program, a nonprofit board of elected officials, supported by a staff of energy experts, would determine where the city gets its electricity.

“Currently, San Diego Gas & Electric buys and sells all power to the city. The investor-owned utility has recently taken steps that would allow its parent company, Sempra Energy, to lobby against community choice aggregation. The City Council will have to consider whether to adopt a schedule that could lead to a final decision on the program by as early as April.”

The Energy Times will hold a wide-ranging conference on April 6 in San Francisco, The California Renewables Rush.


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