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A Strong Wind Blows

Wind electric generation surges across the nation

Eleven states are generating 10 percent or more of their electricity from wind turbines, according to 2015 federal statistics.

Iowa was tops with 31 percent of its generation wind-sourced, according to a new report by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.


Following were South Dakota, at 25 percent, and Kansas, at 24 percent, the EIA said.

Other states getting at least 10 percent of their power from wind are Oklahoma, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Vermont, Colorado, Oregon and Maine.

A mere five years ago, only three states were getting a comparable share of power from wind sources.

While in Texas, wind accounted for just 9.9 percent of total electric power produced, the state has become the nation’s wind powerhouse, accounting for about one-quarter of total wind generation in the nation, EIA said.

The rising importance of renewable energy will be front and center at our Renewables Rush conference in San Francisco on April 5.

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