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Wind Turbines Soar Higher

Wind turbines in America now reach heights not possible 15 years ago, almost as tall on average as the Statue of Liberty.

Wind turbines in America are soaring higher into the air, where stiffer winds help crank up electric output, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

In the past five years, the average height of wind turbines has been about 280 feet. Before 2006, few turbines reached that height, the government said.

In comparison, the landmark Statue of LIberty is 305 feet.

“Wind turbines accounted for 8 percent of the operating electric generating capacity in the United States in 2016, surpassing hydropower as the renewable technology with the largest installed generating capacity,” EIA said.

“The largest turbines currently installed in the United States have generating capacities of 6 megawatts. These turbines are part of the Block Island Wind Farm in Rhode Island, the only operating utility-scale offshore wind turbines in the United States. Two offshore wind farms are planned to come online in the near future: the Icebreaker Offshore Wind project on Lake Erie near Cleveland, Ohio, in 2018 and the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project in Virginia in 2021.”



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