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Dutch Zero in on Demand Management

Greater consumer control of electric demand

Two Dutch companies are partnering for a major bid to build a business around residential demand side energy management.

REstore, a demand response provider, said the partnership with Daalderop, a manufacturer of home climate systems, will weave household appliances into an electric power demand control regime.

Erwin van Laethem

REstore has amassed 1,500 megawatts of demand management through its commercial and industrial consumers.

REstore has tapped former utility executive Erwin van Laethem as business leader for its Internet of Things projects.

REstore technology, van Laethem said, “will be the ‘Rosetta stone’ unlocking the sleeping potential of residential demand response. This approach is fully applicable to partners in other sectors, such as storage, e-mobility, solar and heat pumps, whom we invite to join us in this exciting new opportunity.”

Van Laethem previously was chief executive of the Essent utility in the Netherlands and chief information officer of RWE of Germany.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The future of renewables, efficiency and demand response will be taken up at the Renewables Rush executive conference in San Francisco on April 5.




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