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Batteries are the Hard Drive of Energy

Energy storage will be central to building out a more robust electric grid.

California, along with New York, Massachusetts, and international markets like Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, are among the vanguard of innovative states and countries building future grids around the robust capabilities of energy storage, says Dan Loflin, CEO of Geli, which is an abbreviation for Growing Energy Labs. 

Diverse energy services will be delivered from networked energy assets, starting with distributed batteries, said Loflin, who will be keynoting the Renewables Rush conference in San Francisco on April 5.


 “Batteries are the hard drive of energy,” Loflin said. “Storage is the glue that makes other systems more competent and future proof.”

 “But for batteries to be most effective, they need a sophisticated, hardware agnostic operating system to deliver complex applications and encourage vendor diversity."

Customers, including project developers and utilities, will be able to choose the hardware that best fits their needs and software will deliver the needed outcomes, he said.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Dan Loflin, CEO of Geli and energy sector leader on the growing role of storage on the grid, will keynote the Renewables Rush executive energy conference in San Francisco on April 5.


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