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Canada Gas to Chicago, Expansion Eyed

Pipeline owners seek to expand natural gas shipments to the Midwest. Gas popularity is climbing as its price remains low and its greenhouse gas footprint is half that of coal.

Owners of the longest natural gas pipeline in North America, the Alliance Pipeline, want to boost their capacity for shipping the fossil fuel from western Canada to Chicago, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

The aim is to increase the carrying capacity of the line, currently 1.6 billion cubic feet per day, by almost one-third.

The gas will be transported 2,391 miles, where it then will be funneled to major interstate gas pipelines serving markets in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Ontario, Canada.

The use of natural gas as a fuel for generating electricity has soared in recent year as fracking has yielded abundant supplies and falling prices. As a result, natural gas fired generation is increasingly replacing coal-fired generation.

The Trump administration has voiced its support of building up fossil fuel infrastructure. According to recent news reports, as many as eight gas and oil pipeline projects may be in the wings.



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