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Gas Dominates Electricity Generation

Natural gas last year, this year and next year dominates electricity generation.

Natural gas-fired electric generation will dominate our electric grid for the next two years, continuing to eclipse coal and even fast-growing solar and wind power, according to a new federal report.

Natural gas accounted for 32 percent of electricity in 2017, according to the report by the U.S. Energy Administration.

That share is expected to grow to 33 percent this year and 34 percent in 2019, EIA said.

“The mix of energy sources used for producing electricity generation continues to shift in response to changes in fuel costs and the development of renewable energy technologies,” EIA said. “Since 2015, the cost of natural gas delivered to electric generators has generally averaged $3.50 per million British thermal units (Btu) or less, and it is expected to remain near this level through 2019.”

Coal-fired generation accounted for 30 percent of electricity in 2017 and will hit 30 percent this year and 28 percent in 2019. For decades, it has dominated all sources of electric generation.

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