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Puerto Rico Power Fix Poised for Ramp Up

A group of American power executives toured the power-crippled Puerto Rico today, say fix is on its way.

The 3,500 transmission and distribution linemen and woman working to restore power in Puerto Rico are to be expanded as new teams fan out across the island to better assess needs, according to Mike Hyland, American Public Power Association senior vice president of engineering services.

Nearly 75 days after Hurricane Maria devastated the island’s power grid, much of the island remains without electricity. That has contributed to a massive exodus of residents and has crippled the local economy.

Hyland is part of a group of U.S. utility officials on the island today to meet with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers leaders tasked with power restoration efforts.

“The Incident Management Teams will be placed in each region (7 regions), to work closer with PREPA staff,” Hyland told the Energy Times today. “There are approximately 3,500 transmission and distribution lineman on island working to restore power. This number will increase once the regional IM teams get a better situational awareness of needs,” he said.

Hyland will participate this Thursday at 2 pm ET in a special Energy Times webcast, “Lessons from the 2017 Hurricane Wreckage: How Puerto Rico Could Harden Its Power Grid."

Please click here to register for the free webcast, featuring Hyland, Philip Moeller, Edison Electric Institute executive vice president and former commissioner of the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Mark McGranaghan, Electric Power Research Institute vice president and Gabe Gutierrez, NBC correspondent who spent six weeks covering the Puerto Rico disaster post-Hurricane Maria.




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