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Feds Fund Grid Security R&D

DOE initiative seeks to expands electric sector security.

The federal government has unveiled a $23 million effort to promote electric grid security R&D.

Patricia Hoffman, Department of Energy assistant secretary, electricity delivery & energy reliability, said that the funding is "for the research and development of advanced cybersecurity technologies to meet the unique requirements of the energy sector."

She discussed the effort and other major DOE security initiatives in a wide-ranging webcast on Feb. 3, "The Grid Cyberthreat - Are We Prepared." Please listen here.

 "With cybersecurity for the energy sector emerging as one of the most serious challenges associated with grid modernization and infrastructure protection, maintaining a robust pipeline of cutting-edge technologies is vital to helping the energy sector continue adapting to the changing cyber landscape," Hoffman recently wrote.

Hoffman and her fellow panelists discussed the new effort and other grid security initiatives underway and on the horizon. 

Patricia Hoffman // DOE


Other participants included: Ted Koppel, author of “Lights Out” and the former anchor of ABC’s Nightline; Caitlin A. Durkovich, assistant secretary for Infrastructure Protection, National Protection and Programs Directorate, U.S. Department of Homeland Security; Jerry Cauley,  president and CEO, North American Electric Reliability Corp., Kevin Wailes, vice chair, Electric Subsector Coordinating Council, Lincoln Electric System administrator and chief executive officer and Edna M. Conway, chief security officer, Global Value Chain, Cisco Systems, the sponsor of the webcast.



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