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Brooklyn Microgrid Architects Land in Germany

LO3, the innovative energy startup forging a groundbreaking Brooklyn Microgrid, plans to help bring sweeping electric market changes to Germany.

LO3 Energy, the startup that aims to bring blockchain energy trading to a group of Brooklyn neighbors, has just announced plans to launch a nationwide rollout of microgrids for renewables across Germany.

It is joining in the effort with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and energy providers EnergieSudwest and Allgauer Uberlandwerk.

“Solar users will have the opportunity to become ‘prosumers’ and sell their excess power to their closest neighbors,” LO3 said in a press release.

 “For many of Germany's early adopters of PV technology, who are reaching the expiration of the feed-in tariff, our platform can offer them a new way to receive the full benefit from their investment in renewables, while allowing energy consumers the choice to buy energy directly from their neighbors and community. We think many participants will recognize that buying energy locally strengthens their community and the local economy,” said LO3 Energy’s CEO, Lawrence Orsini.

LO3 Energy

Lawrence Orsini

Orsini will be speaking about LO3’s vision – from Brooklyn to Germany and beyond – at the Empowering Customers & Cities executive energy conference, organized by the Energy Times, November 7-8 in Chicago.

The German projects will be set up in Lazarettgarten in Landau, a community of 130 homes and 19 businesses and in the Allgau region of Southern Germany, where prosumers will be tapped to be a part of a virtual microgrid.


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