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Calling all Transactive Energy Researchers

Building a more flexible grid with real time price signals.

Wanted: thoughtful research on what it will take to evolve the grid of today into a highly intelligent interactive system for the 21st century.

The GridWise Architecture Council, launched by the Department of Energy, will hold its third annual transactive energy conference in Portland May 17-19.

As the backbone of its event, organizers would like abstracts for papers that explore transactive energy methods and systems in the electric power system, buildings and facilities, and in grid integration. Those papers would deal with regulatory, environmental and government issues, utility perspectives and technology.

The theme for this year’s conference will be “Transactive Energy Systems: Harnessing Flexibility in an Evolving Electric Power System.”

The electric grid is moving from a central station, baseload system with discrete bulk and distribution components, to a system in which interoperability and market signals enable flexibility.

Visit the Transactive Energy Systems Conference website for the complete call for papers and the submission process.

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