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Chicago All in on Smart Grid, Mayor Declares

Rahm Emanuel touts the importance of smart energy and sustainability.

Chicago intends to become the largest city in America to erect a smart grid powered by a massive rollout of smart meters, according to Rahm Emanuel, the city's mayor.

"By 2018, every home will have a smart meter and the ability to manage the use of energy," Emanuel told the recent Empowering Customers & Cities conference in Chicago. 

The mayor, speaking before a major controversy erupted concerning Chicago police violence and black victims, addressed the city's efforts to spur sustainability and more efficient use of electric power in the city.

Utility, state regulatory and academic leaders along with entrepreneurs spoke at the November conference about many efforts now underway to create microgrids, spur energy efficiency and promote renewable energy in the city.  

"I believe in making Chicago a smart city," Emanuel said, "and the policies of investing in infrastructure technology in a way that is sustainable and pro-growth."

Millennials are concerned about the quality of life, the mayor said. "You'd be nuts not having a policy like that."


To listen to the mayor's entire keynote address kicking off the 2015 Empower Customers & Cities event, please click here.


Chicago's Vision of Sustainability

Towards a Greener, Growing Chicago



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