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Paint New Yorkers Green

New Yorkers like their utility, love green energy and want to know more about revolutionary REV policies.

New Yorkers often are viewed as a skeptical, hard-to-impress bunch.

But they are warming – big time – to renewables and electric vehicles.

And they like what they know about the state’s sweeping REV initiative and want to know more about it.

Those are some of the findings of a study conducted by the New York Smart Grid Consortium and the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative; both are non-profit organizations.

Three-quarters of those surveyed or more are happy with their electric utility, a finding likely to gratify utilities in the state who have worried that the REV effort might scramble their business model and customers’ loyalties.

According to the findings, released this summer, 80 percent of New Yorkers want to see renewable energy expand.

Half want to learn more about the Reforming the Energy Vision initiative known as REV.

“The report shows that the clear majority of New Yorkers want New York State to invest in clean energy,” said James Gallagher, New York State Smart Grid Consortium executive director. “The survey data also shows that most New Yorkers are willing to pay their part to expand the use of clean energy sources.”


Other notable findings, highlighted in a press release, include:

  • “The majority of New Yorkers are aware of both the smart grid and smart meters (68 and 65 percent, respectively); however, in New York, consumer awareness of both smart meters and the smart grid is marginally lower than the national level.
  • “More than half of New Yorkers (53 percent) are interested in participating in community solar programs, and interest in community solar is steady across the four regions.
  • “The overwhelming majority of New York consumers (83 percent) report that knowing their home is energy efficient is highly important to them; however, New Yorkers are less knowledgeable about how to make their homes energy efficient than the national average.
  • “Overall, the majority of New Yorkers across the state are satisfied with their current electricity provider (78 percent), and 82 percent of consumers in the Mid-Hudson Valley report being satisfied.”



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