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Renters Prize Energy Efficiency

Utilities may want to provide renters with a range of energy efficient options, study says.

Home renters want to learn more from their utilities about energy saving technologies and programs, a new national report shows.

Close to two-thirds want to learn more about shifting energy use off-peak and discounts for energy efficient appliances, according to a report released by the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative.

“Although some in the utility industry believe that that renters are not interested in energy issues or aware of technologies that can help them save money, our research shows that is not the case,” the report said.

They want programmable thermostats, for instance.

“This is an opportunity for stakeholders interested in new avenues for consumer engagement through additional outreach efforts targeted towards renters,” the report said.

 "Additionally, we found that savings opportunities such as 'energy usage reports' and 'energy savings suggestions delivered via an app or website', generated the most interest from renters. Among the program concepts, two programs focused on shifting energy usage to off-peak times in exchange for bill credits or rebates and one program offering incentives for home energy visits with discounts on energy efficient appliances appealed to over 60 percent of younger renters."

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