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An Urban Utility's Laser Focus on Customers

Sneak Peek at Anne Pramaggiore's keynote at the Empowering Customers & Cities event.

Here is a sneak peek at ComEd CEO and Vice President, Anne Pramaggiore's opening keynote for Empowering Customers & Cities.

Description: Learn how a storm served as the catalyst for Pramaggiore to make dramatic changes in how ComEd delivers services to millions of energy users. It is a scalable model that proves that putting customers first does pay off for utilities. Learn about the benefits of a laser-like focus on customers. Also hear first hand how a major American utility is going about defining and pursuing a new business model. You will see how a major metropolis is at the center of an energy revolution. Discover how a forward thinking utility and CEO are leading the way and transforming their internal business culture - and how you can too. Benefit from the work that has already been done and vetted to more than 3-million customers.

Thank you to our video sponsor, Burns & McDonnell.

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