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Copying California

Steve Malnight of PG&E holds his state up as a model to emulate in clean energy policy.

For the sake of lowering carbon emissions while maintaining reliability, Steve Malnight hopes that the rest of nation will look to California. As senior vice president of strategy and policy at Pacific Gas & Electric, Malnight discusses with Energy Times how his state has mapped a clear direction on carbon policy by setting stable, long-term goals.  

Malnight participated in “The Brave New World of Electric Power” panel at the Renewables Rush conference in San Francisco on April 5 and addressed how California has a system that can continue to run reliably and safely every day with high penetrations of renewables.

“Renewables are resources that utilities and grid operators can handle and can manage as long as we have the right tools in our toolkit,” Malnight said. “I think we also have seen in California customer bills are still below the national average, so it’s not the substantial threat to customer affordability that many think it might be.”

Malnight also sings the praises of natural gas. “Natural gas actually offers us tremendous opportunities to drive emissions reductions across the state.”

Watch the video to see what else Malnight says about how there is no “silver bullet” for utilities…

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