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anne-comed-pix-1.jpg Courtesy of ComEd

The Energy Internet

Anne Pramaggiore of ComEd paints a picture of our electric future.

Anne Pramaggiore envisions an energy grid of tomorrow that will be “an energy internet” unlike anything we have ever known.

In her keynote address to the Empowering Customers & Cities conference in Chicago recently, she said we are on the cusp of a “third industrial revolution”.

Anne Pramaggiore, of ComEd, with Marty Rosenberg, of The Energy Times.


The “convergence of energy and digital communications will create an energy internet that is ultra-reliable, clean and lean, and which must ultimately respond to the clarion call of the millennium.”

Our power grid, she said, will be “customized, connected and communal.”

The revolution that is underway, she said, will move us away from fossil-based energy to a new electricity system “worthy of a digital economy in a digital world.”


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