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Evolving Energy Model in Texas

Co-op Innovation in Partnering with Customers, New Services

Cooperative electric utilities around the nation are on the front line of the nation's pivot to more renewable power, John D. Hewa, Pedernales Electric Cooperative chief executive officer, said in a wide-ranging webcast.

Largely rural co-ops simply have more roofs sprinkled across sprawling territory, "a better ratio of land to energy consumption," he said.

"Seventy percent of our members wanted us to support renewables," he said.

PRITZWALK, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 12: A photovoltaic cell lies on a table at the Aleo factory on September 12, 2012 in Pritzwalk, Germany. Aleo, which is owned by German engineering group Bosch, is fairing better than many of its competitors but a spokesman admitted the company is also suffering from the gradual reduction of the feed-in compenstation rates set by the German government, which gurantee fixed prices for electricity delivered into the German electricity grid. Several other solar industry firms in eastern Germany, including Q.Cells, Sovello and Solarwatt AG, have gone into bankruptcy this year. Aleo mainly produces solar panels installed on the roofs of residential houses. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

In response, PEC has developed "on-bill-financing" for solar investment that kicks off in January, extending up to $20,000 per customer for up to 10 years at favorable terms, Hewa said.

Hewa said that the effort is one of many his co-op has been rolling out to customers as it strives to be ever more responsive.

A challenge, he said, is effectively communicating with users. That had required "sequencing our initiatives," Hewa said.

Register and listen in to The Energy Times' webcast discussion with Hewa, sponsored by Burns & McDonnell.


Innovation on the Pedernales

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