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Global Nuclear Surge

Get ready for worldwide 73 percent expansion of nuclear power

Worldwide electricity production from nuclear power is expected to soar to 4.5 trillion kilowatt-hours by 2040, up 73 percent, with China leading the way, according to a new government report.

Last year, nuclear generation globally was at 2.6 trillion kilowatt-hours, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.


China will be responsible for more than half the growth in nuclear generation, the EIA said.

Reliance on nuclear generation will be central to making major reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, many scientists say.

China had 34 operating nuclear reactors last year.

“China has an additional 20 reactors under construction, which, if completed, will add more than 22 gigawatts to its existing capacity,” EIA said. “At China's current construction rate, one reactor comes online every five months.”

By 2030, China will eclipse the United States in projected nuclear power generation, EIA figures show.



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