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Jeremy Rifkin

Jeremy Rifkin at Empowering Customers & Cities 2016

Empowering Customers & Cities 2017 brought together the architects of electric power's economic

Utilities and their customers should be terrified by the disastrous impact of climate change on the world’s weather cycles, says noted author, Jeremy Rifkin.

“Our ecosystems are collapsing,” Rifkin warned.

Every degree rise in average world temperatures results in a 7 percent increase in the amount of moisture absorbed by the atmosphere from the ground, Rifkin said at the landmark executive energy conference, Empowering Customers & Cities, in Chicago late last year.

Turning to solutions, Rifkin told the utility executives from around the nation and the world, along with policymakers, that an emerging “continental energy internet” will provide the platform for increased use of renewables.

Long-term, power and transmission couples will have to decouple, Rifkin said.

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