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New Ways Forward on Energy

Energy leaders and policymakers say tectonic shifts wholly transforming the world's electric power sector.

A tectonic shift in the world's electricity sector was at the forefront of discussions at the recent CERAWeek energy conference in Houston, which attracting an estimated 3,000 attendees from 60 nations.

Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, heralded his country's new path to embrace oil energy technologies even while nurturing new approaches to climate change. Thus, his government successfully fought for the controversial Keystone pipeline, he said, while also pursuing a bold new carbon tax plan for his country in 2018. "We would not have moved on the pipeline had we not acted on climate," Trudeau said.

His nation's new, third way, embracing both energy development and sensitivity to dealing with the threat of climate change resonated at the event.

New modular nuclear reactors. Proliferating rooftop solar. Transformed transmission. Corporate pursuit of green energy. The coming age of storage. These were many of the topics aired at the conference.

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