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Row of floating wind turbines during hazy day.

Offshore Wind Slackens In US

While many wind supporters have hoped that U.S. installation of offshore wind would take off as they have in Europe, developers apparently have little appetite for the oceanic renewables.

While wind turbine developments in the U.S. continue to surge, offshore wind projects have been flailing, according to a recent report.

The New York Times writes that interest in a Massachusetts auction of offshore wind sites failed to excite.

It writes, "Of the 12 companies qualified to bid, only two — OffshoreMW and RES America Developments — took part, snatching up the parcels for around $1.50 an acre or less, below the overall average paid in earlier auctions and far less than the roughly $109 an acre that US Wind, a division of an Italian company, pledged last year for almost 80,000 acres off the Maryland coast."

Overall, wind power is flourishing, the Times reports, with 4,854 megawatts of wind capacity installed last year, boosting the installed wind generation to almost 66,000 megawatts.

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