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Trump Wants to Sell Nuclear Power to the Saudis

The U.S. will be in the mix competing to land a nuclear power project in Saudi Arabia.

The Trump administration would like to sell American nuclear power technology to the Saudi Arabians – even though that country nixes stringent international nuclear weapon proliferation curbs.

The Wall Street Journal has reported, “Saudi Arabia’s nuclear energy ambitions could open a new market worth tens of billions of dollars, drawing countries including Russia, South Korea and China to compete for the business.”

Selling U.S. nuclear technology in a foreign market could be a significant boost to the ailing nuclear sector in America. Many believe nuclear power must be a part of any successful effort to combat climate change caused by burning fossil fuels.

Nuclear power was primed for a renaissance, but that effort has been stymied by low natural gas prices and a surge in wind and solar power deployments. The public remains leery of the safety of nuclear power ever since the Fukushima nuclear mishap in Japan six years ago.

Two recent nuclear projects in the southeast have sustained heavy cost overruns, leading one of the two to be cancelled.

Many countries around the globe may be attracted by the Saudi’s interest in nuclear power as negotiations heat up in the next few months.

 “But Saudi Arabia’s resistance to the toughest proliferation controls—a ban on enriching uranium or reprocessing spent fuel—already is stirring concern among U.S. lawmakers, who must review any accord to transfer U.S. nuclear technology, known as a 123 agreement,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

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