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Utilities Embrace Business Change

A Don't Miss Webcast

Cities and states have been called the laboratory of democracy.

In the case of the energy sector, a handful of cities and states are boldly defining the future of energy creation, delivery and consumption.

Chicago is one of those cities.

And New York is one of those states.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel sees energy transformation as a lever to transform his city into an international leader as the world confronts climate change. The local utility, Commonwealth Edison, is hard at work defining new business plans, services and new ways of relating to its customers. Local organizations and entrepreneurs are stepping up, too, as reported today in The Energy Times, “Chicago Energy Foundry Forges a Power Renaissance.”

Meanwhile, New York State is in the middle of an electric power revolution as state regulators rewrite the rules of the game.

As Gregg Sayre, a member of New York State Public Service Commission says in our article today,   “We have more than 30 energy-related initiatives in New York State.”

Marty Rosenberg, editor-in-chief, The Energy Times.


The Energy Times is proud to present a powerful webcast offering you an inside glimpse into the changes afoot in Chicago and New York State. It takes place this coming Tuesday, from 2 – 3 pm EDT, as we interview:

  • Kevin B. Brookins, ComEd’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Administration, and
  • Gregg Sayre, New York State Public Service Commissioner.

Please reserve a seat to listen in on this important discussion by clicking here.

And in early November, join with us as we fully explore developments in Chicago at our landmark conference, Empowering Customers & Cities.

I look forward to talking with you Tuesday afternoon. And meeting with you November 4-6.


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