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China Swimming in Electricity

China has a power glut - and it is a polluting problem.

China’s spend on new power generation plants grew 20 percent last year – while the Asian nation’s demand for electricity fell, the Wall Street Journal reports.

This is a growing worry as leaders in China try to heat up a struggling economy and deal with rampant air pollution, much of it from coal-fired generators.

The Journal reported: “China already has more power-generating capacity than any other country. It is projected to add nearly 200 gigawatts worth of new thermal power capacity between 2015 and 2017, according to an analysis by Fitch Ratings Inc. That is more than the entire electrical capacity of Canada.”

Changes in direction are hard.

“Building unneeded thermal power plants underscores the difficulties President Xi Jinping and other leaders face in effecting their pledge to downshift the economy to a more sustainable track,” the Journal wrote.


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