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Electric Rate Report Card - Wild Price Swings Nationwide

Average electric rates in the United States in Hawaii triple the price in Louisiana.

Hawaii weighs in with the highest electricity rates in America with an average residential cost of 27.5 percent per kilowatt hour, according to the federal government.

That is triple the rate of the lowest state – Louisiana – which stands at 9.3 cents, according to the U.S. Energy Administration.

When it comes to the amount shelled out by customers, South Carolinians topped out at $1,753 last year, EIA said.

And Mexicans, in comparison, paid just $911.

Rates vary by region depending on the expense of producing and transporting power. Actual power bills depend on how much electricity is consumed.

The mix is changing as some regions in the country change out electric infrastructure at a faster clip than others.

Mild climate states like California and Hawaii generally do not use a lot of electricity. Those two states have also benefitted from deploying substantial solar systems, cutting the amount of power residential customers must buy from their utility

“States with different prices and usage levels can end up with similar expenditures,” EIA said.

“ For instance, residential customers in both Maryland and Hawaii spent about $1,700 on average for electricity in 2016, even though Hawaii’s average residential electricity price was almost double Maryland’s (14.2 cents/kWh). Residential customers in Maryland, however, used almost twice the amount of electricity as those in Hawaii, consuming 11,900 kWh per customer in 2016 versus Hawaii’s 6,100 kWh per customer,” EIA said.



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