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istanbul-plenary-64.jpg World Forum on Energy Regulation/ICER

Global Grids Must be Updated for Renewables, Regulator Say

Turkey Gathering Highlights – Exclusive to The Energy Times.

ISTANBUL – Urgent work must be done now to successfully integrate increasing levels of renewable energy into world power grids, regulators meeting at an international conference here last week agreed.

Climate change and energy security were center stage at the unique global gathering.

Regulators from around the world discussed the technological and economic transformation of the electric power business – in every corner of the world.

The sixth World Forum on Energy Regulation attracted 1,000 participants for talks that focused on a number of issues, including heightened threats to the grid and climate change.

Lord Mogg, chairman of the International Confederation of Energy Regulators, said, “Wherever they are in the world, citizens and businesses alike want secure, sustainable and affordable energy. In sharing our expertise and experiences across the world, we regulators learn from each other and are better able to tackle global challenges including energy security.”

The Energy Times asked two prominent attendees of the conference to share their insights with our readers in today's issue of the newsletter.

Peter B. Delaney, chairman and CEO of OGE Energy, provided us with a copy of his speech delivered at the forum. He explains why electricity is playing a much more important role in consumers' lives.

Robert S. Kenney, chairman of the Missouri Public Service Commission, penned his personal reflections on the event and what it meant to him. He observed, "Incenting and integrating renewable energy is a topic of great interest throughout the world."



Global Trends in Energy Regulation


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