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liu-cera-3.jpg IHS CERAWeek
CERAWK1651084-25FEB2016-OV-FONG.JPG - CERAWeek 2016, 35th Annual Executive Conference, Houston - on Thursday, Feb 25, 2016. Photo by Gary Fong/Genesis PhotosGlobal Power Dialogue Location: LEVEL 2 - BALLROOM OF THE AMERICAS• Zhenya Liu , Chairman, State Grid Corporation of China• Daniel Yergin (Chair) , Vice Chairman, IHS, CERAWeek Conference Chairman

A Grid to Knit Together the World

Grid intelligence, renewables transformational worldwide.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is last of a two-part series, excerpted and edited, from a speech by Zhenya Liu, chairman of the State Grid Corp. of China, delivered recently at IHS CERAWeek in Houston. Last week: “China’s Vision of a Global Grid.” The SGCC provides grid services to 88 percent of China.

The Global Energy Interconnection is a groundbreaking innovation in the 21st century energy sector, serving as a platform not only for energy and electric power, but also for information, science, service and civilization. It will deeply reshape the development structure of world energy and lead to energy revolution and transition.

Looking ahead, the global grid will cover every corner of the world through land grid and undersea cables, breaking the bottlenecks of resources, environment, time and space regarding energy development; realizing the large-scale exploration and utilization of centralized and distributed clean energy. It will fundamentally solve the problems of gas and oil transportation, thermal power plant pollution, nuclear waste disposal and carbon storage.

The global grid enables everyone to benefit from clean energy and smart service that are abundant but cheap, and to enjoy more comfortable life, more prosperous economy, more liable environment and more harmonious society.

We sincerely expect a reached consensus and strengthened cooperation based on the principled of mutual trust and benefit, common development, pragmatically carry forward innovative development of the global grid.

We need to set up a platform for global grid development cooperation. It requires extensive participation and cooperation of relevant governments, enterprises, social sectors and end users. At present, the State Grid Corp. of China is initiating an organization with joint forces that contributes to an international cross-border, cross-field and cross-disciplinary cooperation platform. We sincerely invite organizations, enterprises, research institutes and scholars from fields of energy, electric power, equipment, information and finance to join as members so as to jointly promote innovative development of the global grid.

We need to plan global grid development strategy. We need to jointly tackle key issues such as energy demand, clean energy exploration, policy mechanism, cross-border and intercontinental interconnection. We must coordinate production, education and research to achieve a large number of innovations in key domains such as clean energy, large-scale energy storage, UHV submarine cable and large grid operation and control, providing strong support for global grid development.

We need to launch key demonstration projects as soon as possible.  That would include promotung a large number of key projects such as clean energy transmission base construction and cross-border and intercontinental interconnection by enhancing cooperation between relevant sectors. China is adopting policies that lay down  concrete projects in terms of intercontinental power grids interconnection within Northeast, Southeast, Middle, South and West Asia, and transcontinental interconnections of Asia-Europe, Asia-Africa and Africa-Europe.

Global energy interconnection has a far-reaching significance. We welcome the positive participation from international communities to jointly promote a better and faster development of a global grid to bring huge benefits to all mankind and head for a better future.




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