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ZARAGOZA, SPAIN - FEBRUARY 19: A wind turbine spins at a wind farm on February 19, 2015 near Zaragoza, Spain. France and Spain inaugurate the newly combined electrecity project on February 20 which will connect both countries after thirty years of demands by the Spanish Goverment, allowing an increase of opportunities for operations with renewable energies. This project has been funded to the amount of 225 million euros by the European Energy Program for Recovery. The new interconnection line will double its total commercial exchange capacity from 1,400 megawatts to 2,800, reaching the 6% of the current maximum demand in Spain instead of the 10% recommended by the UE. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

Needed: Energy Research

Bill Gates and Jeffrey Immelt, along with other business leaders, have joined together.

Business leaders are calling on the federal government to boost energy research to address climate change and energy poverty worldwide.

Bill Gates and Jeffrey Immelt, along with other business leaders, have joined together to spur both the White House and Congress to do more on the energy research front.

For years, utilities have been faulted for spending a much smaller share of their profits on R&D than other vibrant sectors of the economy.

"The budget numbers over the last five years are a major failure of U.S. energy policy," the leaders said in the report, covered in a recent New York Times article.


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