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South Carolina's Nuclear SOS

The governor and others in South Carolina are opposed to utility Scana's plans to scuttle an expensive nuclear plant project.

The governor and others in South Carolina are pushing back against Scana Corp.’s announcement that it would scuttle two nuclear plants under construction, a serious blow to hopes for a nuclear renaissance in America.

“Gov. Henry McMaster called the shuttering of the plant ‘a jarring break of faith,’”  the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Republican governor wants at least one of the two plants completed.

Scana said the cost for the two units has climbed to $25.7 billion, up from $14 billion, in the wake of the March bankruptc of Westinghouse Electric, the main contractor.

According to the Journal:

“Last week, Scana Corp. said it would walk away from its project to build two nuclear reactors in tiny Jenkinsville—after nine years and $10.4 billion spent—stunning local leaders and the 600 nuclear employees and 5,000 construction workers at its V.C. Summer Nuclear Station. The move left Jenkinsville, population 71, with an unfinished worksite the size of 1,000 football fields, while electric customers continue to pay 18% of their bill for a nuclear-power plant that may never generate a single kilowatt.”

In a related development, Southern Company has not decided whether to complete its half-finished nuclear project in Georgia, also saddled with huge cost overruns, the Journal reported.

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