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Regulators - Responding or Driving Change?

Sneak Peek at Chairman Brien Sheahan's keynote at the Empowering Customers & Cities event.

Here is a sneak peek at Illinois Commerce Commission Chairman, Brien Sheahan's speech at Empowering Customers & Cities.

Description: Long a leader in innovative regulatory policies, Illinois has a history of successful collaborative efforts to come to grips with evolving regulatory issues, including restructuring of the electric industry in 1996-97. It also has led on evaluating smart grid deployment in 2009-2010. These new dynamics of electricity supply, demand, and storage hold great promise for consumer and social benefit, all facilitated by the smart grid that is on the way toward full deployment in Illinois. They also present significant challenges to utilities who must integrate distributed energy resources seamlessly while maintaining efficient, safe, reliable and affordable service that meets the needs of all customers. The transformed energy landscape also poses new challenges for customers, who must understand an expanding array of new options to make good choices, for suppliers of services who seek to enter new markets, and for regulators who must ensure that all customers are treated fairly and that utilities maintain financial viability in the new environment.

Thank you to our video sponsor, Burns & McDonnell.

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