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China America Solar Wars

Q U I Z T I M E !

Who is trying harder when it comes to increasing solar power assets generating electricity - China or America?

China, according to a commentary by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg this week in the Wall Street Journal, "Realistic Goals for the Paris Climate Conference."

China is eclipsing the United States in solar.

"In 2015 China will add new solar capacity twice as great as America’s solar capacity. And within 15 years China’s renewable generation will be bigger than the entire U.S. grid," Bloomberg observed.

Consider this. The U.S. Congress not too long ago killed consideration of creating a carbon cap and trade system in this country because many felt it would be a meaningless gesture at combating climate change if the Chinese sat on their hands. 

Now that Obamacare seems safe, look for legacy-building Team Obama to get increasingly assertive about leaving a mark on U.S. climate change policies. Look for proposals for cap and trade to reemerge soon.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mayor, how does the Big Apple compare with Shanghai when it comes to capturing the sun's rays?

Your thoughts?


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