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Hawaii Pioneers Solar Integration

US Utilities closely monitor Hawaiian solar innovations

Hawaiian Electric, armed with a $2.4 million federal grant, is storming the frontiers of the possible when it comes to make possible ever-expanding penetration of both solar and energy storage technology across America’s mid-Pacific state.

Constance Lau

 Constance Lau, president and chief executive of Hawaiian Electric Industries, will discuss the gnawing challenges and exhilarating opportunities the utility faces at a summit of utility leaders and policy makers at The California Renewables Rush in San Francisco on April 6.

Her company is preparing itself and its customers to comply with a mandate that the state get all of its energy from renewables within three decades.

Lau in her comments will discuss what is happening in her state. Her peers from California and around the nation will address the sweeping national implications of America’s increasing reliance on renewables and emerging energy storage technologies.

According to industry reports, close to one-fifth of Hawaiian Electric customers have installed rooftop solar generation units. The company has experienced a surge of applications for new installations.

The Department of Energy federal grant under its SHINES program will attempt to give the utility greater visibility into those resources so they can be most efficiently integrated into ongoing utility operations. SHINES stands for Sustainable and Holistic Integration of Energy Storage and Solar PV.


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