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Solar panel installation 10.17.13

Renewables Use to Soar in North America

Major changes in energy mix in coming decade, EIA says

Reneweables will provide 29 percent of North America’s  power by 2025 and nuclear power, 16 percent, according to a new report by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

That is up from 20 percent renewables in 2015 and down from 18 percent nuclear last year, the report said.



The government survey is based on the United States’ Clean Power Plan surviving legal challenges. The Supreme Court imposed a stay on the plan earlier this year until lawsuits are resolved.

In the United States, renewable energy generation will grow from 13 percent of the total energy mix in 2015 to 23 percent by 2025, while nuclear generation will slide from 20 percent in 2015 to 18 percent in a decade.

The United States, Canada and Mexico recently agreed to try to have half of their electricity generated by clearn energy by 2025, EIA said.



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