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Solar Rooftop

Residential Solar Soars

Consumers continue to rush to embrace rooftop solar, with capacity gains pushing 35 percent compared to a year ago.

Small rooftop solar systems’ electricity production hit a record 1,460 gigawatt-hours in June, up 34.4 percent from June 2016, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Total residential solar capacity hit 8,570 megawatts in June, up 35 percent from one year earlier and roughly the equivalent of seven large nuclear power plants like the Wolf Creek nuclear power plant in Kansas.

Installed residential solar capacity now is more than triple the level of 2014, EIA said.

“Driving this growth are several factors including decreases in the price of solar PV technologies; state policies that encourage solar investment (e.g., net metering renewable portfolio standards, etc.); the emergence of third-party operators (e.g., Solar City) that facilitate net metering arrangements between themselves, end-use customers, and utilities; and federal incentives,” EIA said.




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