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Riding the Solar Upsurge

Americans not prepared for tidal wave of renewable energy

America is about to get rocked by explosive growth in renewable energy, business and policy leader Danny Kennedy told a recent executive utility conference in California.

“The public does not get how fast it is going to grow,” Kennedy told the California Renewables Rush conference. “It moves on an exponential curve.”

Kennedy is managing director of the California Clean Energy Fund and co-founder of Sungevity, a solar company based in Oakland that operates in more than a dozen states.

Kennedy said renewables are doubling its market share every few years and could seize more than 60-65 percent of the electric generation market by 2030. California is seeking to be 50 percent renewables dependent by 2030. “I think it is going to be everywhere,” he said.

While a few electric power utilities in America are adapting to the changes other “drag their feet” compared to peer companies in Europe, Australia and some other countries, he said.

An abundance of electric power in a new renewables era will transform human civilization long conditioned by the scarcity of resources, he said.

Danny Kennedy

“Electricity is becoming more available ubiquitously, for almost no marginal cost,” Kennedy said.

“We have about 15 more years to fully implement that change if we are going to avoid the worst of the problems caused by the precursor technologies of coal, oil and gas,” he said.

“I have confidence we can do it if we ride the wave of renewables and this rush you are describing here in California.”


Danny Kennedy's address to the California Renewables Rush executive conference.



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