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Solar Documentary Goes National

Renewables tackle climate and economic crises

A rising star in the ranks of America’s young film directors is launching her feature, “Catching the Sun,” via a multi-city campaign tied to Earth Day 2016.

The film will air in Berkeley and Atlanta on April 13 and quickly traverse the country leading up to April 22 Earth Day.

It reports that the solar industry today employs 209,000 – more than the coal sector - and will build $40 billion worth of projects this year.

Shalini Kantayya

Shalini Kantayya, the film’s director and a former Fulbright scholar and TED Fellow, said:

“The journey to make ‘Catching the Sun’ began because I was looking for hope. In post-industrial cities like Richmond, California, the dream of upward mobility is eroding. The oil economy has created monopolies and concentrated wealth and power in the hands of the few.’

She continued, “I was fascinated by the idea that solar power could democratize and decentralize energy in a way that creates economic opportunity for workers and entrepreneurs.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The growth of renewables will be discussed at the California Renewables Rush conference in San Francisco April 6. A clip from “Catching the Sun” will be aired at the event.

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